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Fee guide

Consultation and treatment is available on a private basis.

Consultation fee: £150

Consultations consist of clinical examination, intraoral radiographs, diagnosis, options appraisal and advice. A summary clinical report is provided to the referring dentist and patient.


Additional fees are applicable for the following aspects if they are indicated:

Extraoral radiograph (DPT): £55

Cone beam CT radiograph: from £160

Articulated study casts: £155

Complex or extensive clinical report: from £120


Treatment fees:

The cost of treatment is based on the complexity, clinical time and materials required. A quotation can be provided with a treatment plan.

Restorability assessment: from £240

Root canal treatment (a preliminary restorability assessment may be indicated):

  • of an incisor or canine tooth: from £520
  • of a premolar tooth: from £640
  • of a molar tooth: from £760


Root canal retreatment  (a preliminary restorability assessment may be indicated):

  • incisor or canine: from £650
  • premolar: from £700
  • molar: from £850


Endodontic micro-surgery: from £600

Extractions: from £240

Periodontal care: from £120

Internal bleaching: from £240

Hard occlusal splint: from £420

Restorations: Fillings: from £120

Cast post and cores: from £300

Crowns (cast restorations): from £750


Patients are kindly requested to settle their account following their appointment(s).

Payments may be made in cash or by most credit and debit cards (with the exception of American Express).

There are no provisions for 3rd party loan finance or payment plans for treatment due to ethical considerations.

Please provide 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or alter your appointment to help with the efficiency of the service. There is fee for unattended appointments due to the high cost of clinical time.

September 2016

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